January 18, 2020

Dr. Uri Schaefer
President, International Council of Sport Sciences and Physical Education (ICSSPE).
Dr. Uri Schaefer
President, International Council of Sport Sciences and Physical Education (ICSSPE).

Past President and Board member, International Council of Coaching Excellence (ICCE).

Lecturer on Sport Management and Sociology of Sport, MBA program specializing in Sport Management. Wingate Institute in Cooperation with the Rupin Academic College, Israel.

Secretary General Israel Coaching Association (In progress).

Dr. Uri Schaefer is the President of the International Council of Sport Sciences and Physical Education (elected in 2016 for a 4-year term). He lectures at the MBA program specializing in Sport Management at the National Institute for Sporting Excellence – the Wingate Institute in cooperation with the Ruppin Academic College, Israel. He is a graduate of the Wingate College for Physical Education, and received his Swimming Coaching Diploma from the Nat Holman School for Coaches at Wingate. He received his Master’s degree at the Tel Aviv University inthe field of study and research in Education, and his Doctorate degree from the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. His professional career included being the Director – General of the Wingate Institute (10
years), and Deputy Director – General and Director of the Sport Administration in the Ministry of Culture and Sport (8years). In 2019 Dr Schaefer has initiated the establishment of the Coaching Association of Israel (For all sport disciplines), together with Alex Averbuk 3 times Paul Vault European Champion. His main area of research and interests include sport management and sport strategy, coach education and coaching, talent identification, and the sociology and social psychology of sport. He has published numerous articles on sport and physical activity with the emphasis on how to motivate children and youth, to engage in physical activity and sport across their lifecycle. Dr Schaefer has initiated and was among the founders of the International Council of
Coach Education, (today known as coaching excellence), and served as its First President (1997 – 2005), and is today its Past President and a Board member. Dr. Schaefer was awarded with several prestigious national and international awards, including the 1992 Sport Science award of the IOC President, the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, the Appreciation Award of the National Olympic Committee of Israel, and The Sport Administration,
during my tenure as its director received, [US1] The National Award for Quality Excellence in the Public Sector- Silver Star.

Assoc. Prof. JiříBaláš, Ph.D
Dr. Jiří Baláš works at Charles University, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in the Sport Research Centre and Outdoor Sports Department. His research focuses on diagnostics of muscle performance, recovery and training adaptations. He has published numerous articles in exercise physiology and biomechanics in high ranked journals where he is a regular reviewer. Dr.Baláš co-operates with several sport federations and tries to transfer the scientific knowledge to field practice.

The topic of the keynote speech will be „Effect of muscle cooling on performance and recovery“.

Dr. Natalia B. Stambulova
Dr. Natalia B. Stambulova is a professor in Sport & Exercise Psychology in School of Health and Welfare at Halmstad University, Sweden. Her professional experiences in sport psychology refer to her work for about four decades as a teacher, researcher, and practitioner in the USSR/Russia and since 2001 in Sweden. Her research and about two hundred publications relate mainly to athlete career development with an emphasis on athletes’ career transitions and crises. Her particular specialization in applied work is assisting athletes and coaches to deal with various career/lifestyle issues, especially with career transitions and crises. In 2004 she received Distinguished International Scholar Award of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), and then the AASP (2014) and the ISSP (2018) Fellow statuses. During 2001-2017 she served at the Managing Council of the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) being its Vice President during 2009-2017. In 2019 she received Ema Geron Award of the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC) for significant contribution to development of sport and exercise psychology in Europe.
Karina Angelieva
Karina Angelieva is Deputy Minister of Education and Science of R Bulgaria. She is covering large portfolio, including and European Structural Investment Funds in education and science. Prior to his current position, Karina was the head of sectors “Education and Training” and “Research and Innovation” at the Bulgarian Permanent Representation to the EU. During the Bulgarian Presidency in the first half of 2018 she chaired the Council’s Research Working Party and led the discussions on the future of EU Research and Innovation agenda.

Prior to her four-year experience in European policy-making she held various positions at management level including Director General for Structural Funds and International Educational Programmes at the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and Director of the Joint Innovation Centre of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Karina has a long-term experience in international and EU research programme initiatives, including 6th and 7th Framework Programme as she was directly responsible for the coordination of the national contact points network at the Science Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Science and also directly involved as National contact point for INCO and JRC.

Karina’s passion is promoting and supporting innovative and skilled young people. She is one of the co-initiators of Club Young Talents in Bulgaria and yearly organizes the contest Young and Energetic Scientists (YES) and InnoFair for pupils with passion in science.

Karina graduated History and has Master in Contemporary History and Master in European Integration.